How may I address you?

I prefer ma’am until you become my slave…then perhaps you may call me Mistress.

I’m new…what are my next steps?

If you are serious about entering the world of domination and are able to write an engaging and polite e-mail, I may consider you for servitude.

I do not like pain, may I still serve you?

There are myriad ways to inspire suffering; not all pain is corporeal/physical. Many methods of role-play, fantasy, and feminization pique my interest. Physical pain is simple and fleeting—there are always more sophisticated means of torture. Chastity is my favorite––I love to hold the key.

How do I prepare for our session?

Be on time. Make certain to send me a detailed e-mail outlining your interests, fantasies and fetishes. The more I learn about you, the better I can prepare for an unforgettable adventure.

Is there a deposit?

If I have never met you before, please understand a meeting with me inspires anxiety for many nervous boys. If you back out, you miss out. I do require a deposit. It takes a great deal of time to prepare for each session, and I plan our time together with immaculate detail and precision. Contact me for more information on how to set up a first-time session.

Are you looking for house slaves?

Not at this time. I have my needs completely met in that department. My faithful maids have been serving me for over ten years with endless gratitude.

How much time should I reserve?

I prefer two hours for our initial meeting. We should be able to take our time in getting to know one another. Is 60 minutes enough to reconcile a lifetime of fantasies and ideations of deeply personal kinks?

Is this safe?

A resounding YES. I have been working in the professional sphere for over a decade. I am always extremely safe, clean, and considerate with all of my servants. If you have any medical conditions or physical limitations, please alert me before we begin our session.

Let’s get together.